My Counselling agreement and other legal pages

The counselling agreement is a mutually and respectful arrangement between me as your counsellor and my clients. However, there are other legal requirements (I have outlined on these pages) that I have to follow to protect us both. Some of these elements will protect your personal data while others are more technically related to the way my website works.

I will always talk clients through the Counselling agreement and Privacy Policy in our first full session to ensure there are no misconceptions.

Counselling agreement

This is a copy of the default agreement I ask all clients to follow. A specific agreement based on this will be sent to your email and can be signed electronically.

Data Protection and Privacy

As a counsellor, I have data protection obligations and a general obligation for confidentiality. This is all detailed in my Privacy Policy.

Website Policies

All UK websites have to have policies relating to their use and the use of cookies.